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Safety (Striker Blocker) - Load Cartrige and Fire

Safety (Striker Blocker)

  • To push safey button down shown on "Şekil 4" will block striker. To able to fire again, you need to un block striker up again.

Load Cartrige and Fire

  • Push clip button and take clip out gun as shown on "Şekil 5". ( For Cal.9 15 pieces 9x22mm ) push cartriges to clip ("şekil 6") load clip and push till hear the tick sound.
  • To load cartrige to barrel, pull the mechanism as shown on "Şekil 7" and release, your gun loaded up and ready to fire at the moment, to fire up just pull the trigger. Every single fire needs to pull trigger each (semi automatic requires).
  • in case out of cartrige mechansm will stuck at the back ("şekil 8"). Mechanism will take first position if you push the button shown on "Şekil 9" to arrow direction.
  • (Şekil 11) Never clean up the orange area on the margin of barrel.



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