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  1. Once use your gun, please read this manual's warnings and usage instructions
  2. Check your country's blank gun usage rules and laws, follow this rules
  3. Guns are naturally dangerous, in case of violate the rules, accidents have been occured. (as where there is the car and knife, there is the accident, where there is gun, there is accident. please follow rules.)
  4. If you dont trained about gun usage. Please ask your dealer or an expert.
  5. Keep guns and ammos away the children.
  6. in case your gun not turn a dangerous purpose, no not fire people, animals and plants (minimum 5 m.) Except emergency issues, keep the barrel down.
  7. When you take the gun, act as it is loaded (please don't forget, people load the guns not devil!)
  8. Do not keep your finger on the trigger except the firing. Do not fire the gun without turn the gun right firing direction.
  9. Never make jokes with guns, absolultely follow the rules about guns and explosions.
  10. Before firing the fun, please make sure there is no baby, animal or people who can be disturbed because of sound or this may cause law penalty
  11. Fire gun as your arm streched front and up eye alignment (şekil 2) or up direction your arm streched and up your head alignment (şekil 1) never fire the gun as close your body or head (şekil 3.)
    Şekil 1 Şekil 2 Şekil 3
  12. High firing sounds may cause hearing problems.
  13. Ammo's explosive stances is harmful, do not fire in closed ared.
  14. For a clean nature, give empty cases to recycling.
  15. Misusing  the gun with make changes on it or without make changes, the producer company is not responsible. (The gun is not designed for fire something out to the barrel)
  16. Production materials of gun is not same as real guns so it can not act as real gun. in case of the usage as real gun may cause to injury or penalty.

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